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3-Month holiday decorating: Simple tips for decor that lasts

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to branch out and experiment with different decorating styles in your home. Of course, fresh decorations are the norm, but they can shorten the lifespan of your holiday decor. A real tree lasts for approximately five weeks if cared for properly, while a fresh wreath lasts for around three weeks or less when stored indoors. Preserve your time, effort and holiday memories with these simple and fun holiday decorations that last throughout the season.

Pinecone centerpiece

Wintertime wreaths

Yarn wreaths are easy to assemble, and flexibility with color and accents makes them a cinch to customize and work into your holiday theme. Recycle old mittens and knit caps onto your holiday wreath for a cute, nostalgic piece that will take you all the way through wintertime. For a completely different look, replace the yarn with ribbon, and weave favorite family pictures — some old, some new — in small silver and gold frames into your wreath.

Comfortable holiday flair

The holiday sweater is another nice item to repurpose. Occupying closets everywhere, the themed sweater may not be a hit at the office party but is completely snuggle-worthy when reworked into a pillow cover. You don’t need great sewing skills, either; simply remove the sleeves, turn the sweater inside out, sew up the collar and side openings, and slide in your favorite pillow. You can pin the bottom of the cover up, so the transition isn’t permanent.

Go global

The snow globe is a classic holiday decoration that kids enjoy and guests admire. An inexpensive way to add to your collection is to make your own. Create a winter wonderland in no time at all: Just pour distilled water into a jar with a touch of glycerin, glitter and a decorative accent. Close up the jar and your work is done. For a vintage look, fill your jar with olive oil, and add a copy of a black and white holiday photo. The olive oil will hold the image in place and give it an instant, old-fashioned look.

Completely ornamental

Don’t save all your favorite ornaments for the tree. Tie your holiday look together from room to room by tying ornaments to the banister on your staircase with ribbon or garland. Share the joy in the kitchen by gluing magnets to inexpensive ornaments for unique refrigerator decorations.

Inspiration from outdoors

Holiday decorations often don’t feel complete without a few pieces that are nature-inspired. In addition to the artificial trees, garland and wreaths that are widely available, dried decorations such as cinnamon sticks and pinecones bring nature indoors without the worry of early expiration dates. Fill a hurricane vase with pine cones and loose ribbon for a quick centerpiece. If you collect your own pine cones instead of purchasing them, remember that they will need to be cleaned and dried to preserve them properly and make sure that they are bug- and sap-free.

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