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Creating a mirror accent wall

Mirrors of all shapes and sizes make interesting accent pieces, whether you display a grouping of mirrors on one wall or strategically place one large mirror in a room. Mirrors can brighten up dark corners, give the illusion of space in a small room, or add light and depth to a room. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful accent wall with mirrors. Here are some ways to create a mirror accent wall.

Mirror accent wall

Wall of mirrors

Arrange several mirrors of various shapes and sizes on a wall behind the sofa, in the dining room or even above a headboard. Hang in a grouping on the wall or on plate rails. For a less cluttered look, place five or six larger unframed mirrors of different shapes on the rails. Make sure the size of the mirrors reflect the size of the wall: Place large mirrors on large walls and small mirrors on small walls; otherwise, the room will look out of balance.

Create the illusion of space

One large mirror that fills a small wall gives a room the illusion of space. A small dining room looks spacious with a mirror reflecting the rest of the room. A mirror also makes a small, dark corner look brighter if it is placed opposite a window.

Place light fixtures in front of a mirror to help brighten the room. Try this in the corners of bedrooms and living rooms to give new life to small, dark spaces. Be careful what your mirror is reflecting, though: You want to reflect light, color and open spaces, not a dark, dreary wall or bookcase.

Go dramatic with a large mirror

Large, door-size or floor-to-ceiling mirrors add dramatic touches to any room. Lean the mirror on a wall in a large room, place it in a corner of the room, or set it behind a sofa or accent table. A large mirror can break up a long wall or act as a separation between rooms. You can use a large mirror in a small room, such as a bedroom, to brighten up a dark space, but be careful to use the right size so you don’t overpower the rest of the room.

Create a window from a mirror

Create the look of a window — and add light and the illusion of space — by turning a mirror into a window. Place a medium to large mirror on the wall directly opposite a real window, and hang curtains or drapes on each side of the mirror. The mirror will reflect the light from the window and brighten your room, while the curtains mimic a second window. This works well in small bedrooms, bathrooms and even living rooms.

Highlight a fireplace mantel

Over the mantel is the perfect spot for a mirror. You can arrange a grouping, use one large one, or create an art-like grouping from several similar mirrors. Large, framed mirrors also look good directly on the mantel and leaning against the wall. Paint the wall above the mantel a different color from the other walls to help the mirror stand out.

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