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Chic work attire lessons from Pippa Middleton

Dressing for work can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Pippa Middleton always seems to look super chic yet appropriate when she’s on her way to work, and we’ve got the tips for achieving her perfect work attire style.

Work attire doesn't have to be boring

Work attire doesn’t have to be boring

If you’ve seen Mad Men, you know that dressing for work can be anything but boring. Work attire can be pretty sexy if you put a little effort into it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to cross over into the inappropriate category. Here, Pippa rocks a seemingly simple ensemble: one-color dress, blazer and booties, but it comes across as edgy, sexy and professional all at once. Something as simple as a figure-flattering dress or an edgy bag can take your work attire from drab to fab.
Mix it up a bit

Mix it
up a bit

It’s tempting to go neutral when it comes to work attire, but don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and add a pop of pattern here and there, ladies. Pippa’s patterned dress is fun and flirty without being too over the top and she pairs it perfectly with neutral accessories.

A good work blazer can fancify anything

A good blazer can dress up anything

Up until a few years ago, blazers were quite boring and were mostly associated with men’s attire. Now, these fashion staples come in every shape and color and are quite feminine. As Pippa shows, a good work blazer can both spice up a basic dress and add warmth during the colder months. Try a work blazer in a different color than your usual style, or search for one with a special detail, like edgy buttons.

Combine comfort and fashion

Combine comfort and fashion

A lot of women aren’t really sure if flats are acceptable at the office. After all, if you’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada, you’ve surely met some “clackers” in your office who stomp around in their fancy stilettos. But Pippa proves that a good ol’ comfy pair of flats can be just as chic as a hot high heel. Sometimes work requires you to think about comfort first, and you can still look professional and fun with a cute pair of flats.

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