Simple ways to add sparkle to your home

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or simply love glitter and shimmer, here are some simple ways to add sparkle to your home without going too gilded. 

Living room with stranded crystals

Decorate slowly

When looking for ways to add sparkle to your home, take a look around the room and pinpoint small items that you can swap out easily for a more reflective version. Think candleholders, picture frames, mirrors and wall decor. By starting small and moving slowly, you’ll avoid an overly glittery or designed look. Keep your eyes peeled as you shop your favorite home decor bargain stores and pick up a few items here and there. This will give the room a natural, eclectic feel.

Add soft sparkle

Add sparkle without making a huge commitment by picking up a few sequined pillows or throws at your favorite home decor bargain store. These simple swaps can be more affordable than buying new window coverings or wall art.

Go for Hard glitz

Glass is everywhere in home accents, and the wide range of finishes means you can control how much sparkle you introduce to your space. Standard clear glass lends an airy, open feeling. For more sparkle, seek out mercury glass, which has a silver coating that reflects more light. Decorative mercury glass is available in other colors, too, and can add both sparkle and colorful accents to your room. Milk glass has a matte, milky-white appearance and adds an opaque accent to a display of glass objects.

Make it Crystal-clear

Depending on your home’s style, crystal accents can be super-sophisticated or cozy and shabby-chic. Scout out eclectic crystal chandeliers large and small, and use them to replace nondescript lighting fixtures. Alternatively, add crystal accents to your existing decor by fashioning a crystal garland or hanging crystal teardrops or strands from bare branches or floral decorations.

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