What to wear with boots this winter

Do you have your eye on one of the season’s trendiest boots but have no clue what to actually wear with them? Look no further! Here we’ve listed four hot winter boot styles complete with outfits to match!

What to wear with black riding boots

Black riding boots

Be edgy, but skip the uncomfortable grungy feeling that goes along with the look. These black riding boots have a barely-there heel so you can stay comfortable running errands all day. Pair it with black skinny jeans, a comfy band tee like this one from dELiA’s, a colorful scarf and this Sara Berman leather and suede jacket.

What to wear with fur wedges

Fur wedges

There’s just something about these LK Bennett Charing boots that makes us want to sing “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go…” over and over until February. Pair them with this suedette colorblock shift dress and you’ll be the chicest chick in the forest.

What to wear with over the knee boots

Over-the-knee boots

If you’re attracted to this style of boot, then you probably don’t need any tips on how to look sexy. But showing off just the right amount of skin is key to making these boots shine. When these strappy suede boots are paired with this green turtleneck sweater dress from Victoria’s Secret, everything will be covered up except for a sliver of your bare leg. It’s sexy without looking hookerish!

What to wear with lace-up booties

Lace-up booties

A fitted blazer paired with cuffed shorts and tights is the perfect ensemble to complement this style of boot because it keeps it military-esque without looking too theme oriented. We like this Twenty8Twelve blazer and these high-waisted Mark tweed shorts paired with Tory Burch booties, but if you’re looking for a better deal, try Shoparatti.com, a website that finds the best daily fashion deals on the internet and brings them straight to you!


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