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Simple bun hairstyles for busy mornings

Some busy mornings, you have neither the time nor the energy to fuss with your hair. The solution: A bun. Buns come in all shapes and sizes, but most are created with the same basic steps.

Hilary Duff with bun hairstyle

Step 1: Decide on a part

A bun works well with just about any part, or even none at all. If you want to wear a part, then brush your hair away from the part until it’s smooth and free of tangles. If you choose a bun with no part, simply brush your hair straight back from your face.

Step 2: Make a high, low or side ponytail

The cool thing about the bun is that you can plant it anywhere on your head. Try a ballet bun at the top of your head, a classic bun at the nape of your neck or a trendy side bun close to your ear. Gather hair into a ponytail at your desired bun location.

Step 3: Get it together

This step is the secret to a good bun. Whether long or short, your hair has to stay together to create the actual bun in the next step.

  • For hair that is straight, layered and/or fine: Braid the ponytail and secure with a thin ponytail band as close to the end as possible.
  • For hair that is one length, curly and/or thick: Create two or three new ponytails from the base of the original ponytail, and finish with a thin ponytail band at the base of each.

Step 4: Pin it in place

This is the actual bun-making step. Holding the ponytail bands at the ends of your hair, wrap the hair around the original ponytail holder, pinning as you go around. Continue in this fashion until you’ve pinned all the hair into place.

Step 5: Make it your own

Customize your bun with a pencil. Use it to release a few strands from the front to create a face-framing fringe or gently pull out little loops from the bun to give a trendy, messy appearance. Add jewels, flowers or anything else that might give your bun a little bit of interest. Spritz with hairspray, and you’re ready to go.

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Photo credit: WENN

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