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Get luscious locks in minutes

Some of the most simple hair care concepts can often be the most confusing and cause the most mistakes. That’s why we consulted a true hair expert to get the details on how best to take care of your strands.

Get fabulous hair in minutes

If you think that getting sexy strands needs to take an hour or more every morning, think again, ladies. We consulted Justine Piecuch, Stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon to get the scoop on looking fantastic when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare. We have a feeling you’ll like this one!

Morning mania


We know you’re busy in the morning, and that’s why we’re here to help. Piecuch tells us that you can get by on just a short amount of time each morning: “Even with a few minutes to get ready in the morning you can still look polished and very put together.” The trick to looking fabulous on the fly? Prolonging your blow-dry.

Day 1 Hair

Goal for the day: Today is a wash and blow-dry kind of day, ladies. This might seem like it’d take a bit longer, but you can speed up the process, Piecuch says. “With the right products recommended by your stylist, a great blow-dry can be done very fast.” Here are her step-by-step tips for achieving an under 20 minute blow-dry:

  • Instead of flipping your head upside down (which really does nothing more than give the ability to get that underneath dried) run your finger through your hair to remove most of the water.
  • Next, clip the top up then the sides and middle of the back.
  • Starting with the bottom and using a round brush, blow dry each section separately. This will give more control and it’s much faster.

Day 2 Hair

Second day hair can be a pain in the neck. After all, you just spent all that time washing and drying yesterday and now you have to do it all over again? Well ladies, you really don’t. Piecuch shared some tips for looking polished in only a few minutes on that second day:

Goal for the day: Today is going to be a no-wash day, so you’ll want to revive your locks a bit and add some body. Do so in minutes by using a dry shampoo on your roots. Next, add some random waves by wrapping sections of hair around a one-inch barrel curling iron. “With very little effort you have great second day hair,” she says.

If you’re someone who just can’t go a second day without washing your hair because it gets too greasy, try training your hair and you’ll save time in the long-term, Piecuch says: “Attempt to wash every other day for a month and eventually your hair will get used to this and produce less oils.”

Day 3 Hair

Third day hair is only for the brave, Piecuch says, but can look pretty fabulous in only a few minutes. Here’s how!

Goal for the day: Switch up your look and deal with the grease.

To prolong your blow-dry even longer and get out the door in a flash with third day hair, Piecuch suggests taking advantage of yesterday’s styling, and trying one of two looks: a loose braid or a bun.

Rock a braid: To achieve this loose, fun look, Piecuch suggests using that texture you put in your hair for day two to create a loose braid. Tuck the ends in and pin the style in place, spray hair, and you’re done.

Sport a beautiful bun: Buns are a perfect, sleek way to deal with less-than-fabulous third day hair, and they’re super quick to create. Start by parting hair on the side or center, then brush hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. Next, braid the ponytail and wrap into a bun and pin.

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