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Winter hair survival guide

If thoughts of frigid winter days and nights send chills down your spine, you’re not alone. Our bodies don’t exactly like the cold, and neither does our hair. Winter poses a number of problems for our locks, but we’re not about ready to let it ruin our look. We consulted Oribe, iconic hairstylist, co-founder and creative director of Oribe Hair Care, to find out how to shield our locks from the brutal cold — and we’re sharing all his winter hair care secrets!

Winter hair care survival tips

Winter hair woes

The winter isn’t kind to our skin (tight dry skin anyone?!) and it definitely doesn’t spare our hair either. During the cold months, hair can experience a variety of unique issues, Oribe says: “Heat and dry winter air can leave hair brittle, so keeping locks healthy and strong is all about adding extra moisture.”

And if that wasn’t enough, women also have to worry about hat head if they wear hats to protect their head from the cold, and an increase in static electricity (caused by dry air), Oribe says.

Fabulous winter hair care fixes

For every problem that winter poses to hair, there’s an expert cure, and Oribe shared some of his faves with us:

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You stock up on heavy facial and body moisturizers for your skin during the winter, and you should give your hair the same TLC, Oribe says: “Use a deep-conditioning masque, such as my Signature Moisture Masque or Masque for Beautiful Color twice a week or daily for thicker hair textures. Hair requires more moisture in winter, so make sure to give it the extra conditioning it needs.” Doing so will help strengthen your strands before they break and repair hair that might already be brittle.
  • Fight back against static: Since dry air can cause static electricity, women need to arm themselves against the problem or risk looking like they just stuck their finger in an electrical socket. Fight back with anti-static gems like Oribe’s Foundation Mist.
  • Shine on: Shiny hair is healthy looking hair, so make sure to shine on this winter, ladies. To add a little boost to your strands, try a leave-in shine cream like Oribe’s Supershine.

Winter hair care picks

Product saviors

When it comes to protecting our own hair in the cold months, these are the products we turn to!

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