Tricks for hairstyles you can do the night before

Mornings are the busiest time of day. Between getting the kids off to school, making breakfast and trying to look your best, taking the time to sculpt that perfect coif can be a hassle. Cut your styling time down to nearly nothing — all as you sleep! Here are a few tricks for sleeping comfortably and getting the style you want. Come morning, you’ll look glamorous and ready to head out the door!

hair tips before bed

Wash and condition the night before

Your hair won’t build up a ton of oil in the eight hours you’re asleep, especially if it’s pinned away from your face. Simply wash and condition as normal. Depending on the type of style you want to achieve, you might want to blow dry your hair too. Wet hair will lead to tighter curls and waves when you follow the steps below, but you also run the risk of your hair not drying fully through the night.

Roll it up

You might feel like you’re in a ’50s movie, but those little pink sponge curlers, widely available at any drug store, are a great way to get bouncy, shiny, lively curls that last throughout the day. Unlike a curling iron, sponge curlers don’t use heat to create the perfect look, and therefore don’t cause nearly as much hair-splitting damage. You might not look your cutest as you sleep, but when the morning comes, your hair will be supermodel perfect.

Put it in a bun

Keep it sophisticated, comfortable and classy. Rolling long hair into a bun is actually a great way to style it. Gather all of your hair into your hands as if you’re about to put it in a ponytail. Instead, twist and shape the hair into a single tight ‘tail then begin to roll it up and around. Keep it in place with a standard hair tie, or make sure you get zero tie lines in the morning by using bobby pins.

Braid into waves

Waves have been a huge hair trend over the last few seasons. If your hair is naturally straight, getting those beach-perfect waves is easier than you’d think. After washing and drying your hair, simply braid your hair into two simple pigtails. Not only will this protect your hair from damage as you sleep, but you’ll wake up with loose, flawless waves that look like they belong on the cover of a magazine.

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