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How to protect your hair for sleep

They don’t call it “bed head” for nothing! If you’re a heavy sleeper, odds are you wake up each morning with tangles, knots and cowlicks that destroy the perfect ‘do you wore the day before. You can’t change how you sleep, but you can change what you do to your hair before you clock out for the night. Here are a few simple steps to protect against split ends, messy hair and other damage that can ruin your cut and style.

How to protect your hair for sleep

Make sure you’re moisturized

Just like your skin needs moisture to stay elastic and beautiful, so does your hair. Make sure your hair is properly conditioned. That doesn’t mean you need to condition your hair before bed, but conditioning the hair shaft an inch from the scalp to the tip will ensure your hair is protected throughout the day and through the night. Conditioned hair is less likely to break, frizz and become damaged.

Brush your hair before bed

It seems like a simple idea, but it’s a huge step to protecting your hair as you fall asleep. Simply detangling your hair before your head hits the pillow ensures that when you wake up, minimal knots and damage will have occurred. If you brush out the tangle you had before bed, that’s one less to take on in the morning.

Choose a healthy style

You can protect your hair at night, and even look cute doing it! Perhaps the best way to protect long hair from split ends and other damage is to tie it back. Two pigtails are ideal. They keep your hair off your back and therefore off your pillow, so less rubbing and tangling takes place through the night. A nice, comfortable bun is also a good option, providing you place it fairly high up on the crown of your head. Both styles prevent damage and, if done correctly, can leave pretty waves or curls in their place come morning.

Sleep on satin or silk

Sleeping on a rough pillowcase can cause damage over time. A satin or silk pillowcase will make sure your hair glides across your pillow at night, rather than scratch and catch on a rough pillowcase. If you like your current pillowcase, a silk sleep wrap or scarf around your head can have the same effect, and actually look pretty cute as you catch your share of Z’s at night.

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