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How to warm up your complexion

Cold weather has a way of wiping out your complexion, leaving you looking dull and drab. Warm things up this winter with these tricks to bring your complexion in from the cold.

warm up your complexion

Warm up your wardrobe

Ditch dark blacks and blues, and leave behind boring whites and creams. Infuse some color into your wardrobe by wearing bright colors. Pinks, reds and oranges will enhance the color in your cheeks and give you a rosy glow. Have a little fun when you decide what to wear every morning. Cold and dreary weather can have you reaching for outfits that match the mood, but do your best to keep your colors fun and exciting.

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Nothing looks drabber than dry, dull skin. Keep it hydrated for a healthy glow all year long. Exfoliate at least once a week to wash away any dry skin, and apply a moisturizer every morning and before you go to bed each night.

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Darken the base

During the summer months, your sun-kissed glow keeps you looking lively. Get that same look in the winter with a darker foundation. Don’t cake it on — you’ll just look orange and overdone. Instead, choose a liquid foundation that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone and mix it with your moisturizer. Place as much moisturizer as you normally use in the palm of your hand and add a drop of foundation. Mix well with your finger before applying. You’ll get a healthy looking glow without looking fake or turning orange.

Don’t forget to blush

Nothing warms up a flat face faster than a swipe of blush. Choose a color with bronze or peach undertones. Add it to your cheekbones, and also to the tip of your nose for a natural-looking rosy complexion.

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Warm up your eyes

Go brown around your eyes to warm up your whole face. Choose eye shadows in shades of brown, bronze and gold when your skin needs a pick-me-up. Not only are these colors classic and easy to apply, but they’re neutral enough to go with any outfit, or to dress up or down.

Shimmer and shine

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of shimmer. We’re not talking about glittering it up the way high school girls might. Just use a bronzer or shimmery powder to add a touch of shine to your face. Apply a light dusting to your cheekbones, the tip of your chin and the bridge of your nose.

Brighten your pout

Complete the look by adding a little warmth and shine to your lips. Use a sheer gloss with hints of amber, orange, peach, coral and bright pink to warm up your whole complexion in seconds. If you’re not a glossy girl, creamy lipsticks work well too — just stay away from cooler shades.

Quick Tip

Stay active! The best way to get a warm and healthy complexion is to keep your blood flowing, so don’t just sit around! Get moving!

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