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How to fight frizz

Frizzy flyaways can be a girl’s worst enemy in the hair care department. Dry winter air can contribute to frizz, making hair feel almost unmanageable. The next time your hair takes on a life of its own, try our approach to fighting frizz.

Woman with frizzy and curly hair

The 411 on frizz

When it comes to washing your hair, less is more. Depending on how dry your hair is, try to shampoo just a few times a week. Daily washing may contribute to damage by stripping your hair of beneficial oils. Use a leave-in conditioner and a weekly conditioning treatment to keep hair healthy, moisturized and primed to stay in place. When you towel-dry, squeeze and blot instead of rubbing your hair dry. And if you blow-dry, do it for as short a period of time as possible. Too much heat can cause damage and leave tresses hard to tame.

Go easy on your hair when you style. Though it may seem like you can comb or brush the frizzies away, each brush stroke will actually make frizz worse. Choose your styling products wisely by making sure they are free of alcohol –- an ingredient that dries out your hair and causes frizz. To strengthen hair and reduce frizz, try salon products Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream or Original Oil Treatment. Frizz-Ease also offers a variety of conditioners, serums and finishing products for several hair types and is sold at many drugstores and supermarkets.

Instead of fighting to tame frizz, put it to work. Rather than trying to blow dry and straighten the frizzies away, let your curls out for a day. When your hair is damp, work a little styling gel into your hair, one small section at a time. Gently twist each section as you apply the gel. Once your hair is dry, quickly tousle it with your fingers and you’re ready to go with a cute, curly ‘do.

Bring out the big guns and put your accessories to work. Cute and colorful accessories are great tools to help keep frizzy hair at bay while adding a fun pop to your personal style. Keep a variety of headbands, scarves, clips and pins on hand for mornings when your hair just can’t be tamed. Experiment with fun prints and different scarf lengths for a chic bohemian look. Or pin a small flower to a side ponytail, and suddenly even jeans and a T-shirt become a sassy day-out look.

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