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Signs it’s time for a ponytail

Not just a go-to look on a bad hair day, ponytails are always in style and can polish off your favorite outfits. Try a variety of ponytail looks to find a look that fits your personality and personal style.

Woman wearing high ponytail

Not just for a trip to the gym

Make a styled ponytail your first choice for a variety of occasions. Ponytails are an obvious choice to tame bed head. Messy ponytails offer a natural look and are easy to style with unwashed hair. Natural oils replace product and give you the texture you need to show off an updo that’s on trend.

If you need a sleek and clean look for the office, a mid-placed ponytail offers a chic style that works well with your most professional attire and will look good from morning to night. The key to the office ponytail is to keep the ponytail neat, clean and structured. It should be free from scrunchies and flyaways.

Wear your ponytail low and loose for a soft and romantic look. Worn in the back or even on the side, the low pony is perfect for a long daytime drive or dinner and drinks over candlelight. The success of this comfortable look hinges on adding just the right amount of texture. Use a dab of styling mousse or wax to give your hair just enough weight and texture to pull off this unstructured, lovely style.

Work your short style into a sectioned ponytail. If you can’t pull all of your hair into one band, pull back sections and pin them with bobby pins or barrettes for a fun and flirty look. Use just enough hair spray to hold everything in place without creating a helmet.

Ponytail tips and tricks

  • Always make sure that your ponytail isn’t too tight. Tight ponytails aren’t just uncomfortable: Too much tension at the hairline can contribute to breakage and cause tension alopecia, a hair loss condition.
  • High ponytails provide a quick facelift. By emphasizing your cheekbones and putting a little tension on your face, you can give yourself a mini-facelift without setting foot in your doctor’s office.
  • Keep it polished. Just a touch of product will help smooth out your ponytail and add shine. You can use pomade, styling cream or even a little gel –- whatever is handy. Just go lightly –- too much product will take your look from soft and clean to greasy and unkempt.
  • Accessorize your pony with a comb, barrette, scarf or headband. Be smart with your accessory choices, though. If you are already wearing a chunky necklace or statement earrings, adding flair to your ponytail can go from cute to over-the-top. The purpose of the pony is to show off your beautiful face, and over-accessorizing will overwhelm your look and do just the opposite.
  • Cover up the rubber band by wrapping it with a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and then securing the hair with a couple of bobby pins. This easy and quick fix will take your ponytail from looking like a last resort to fashionable and fun.

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