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How to Remove Hair Dye From Skin

1. Olive oil and baby oil

Some experts suggest dabbing a cotton ball or cotton swab in olive oil. Then gently rub on the stained area until the colors fade. Cortney Crace, a color expert at Butterfly Studio Salon, says that success with olive oil can be hit or miss because it can prove to be too concentrated of an oil and cause skin problems for some. Her alternative? Baby oil.

“Mix [face] cleanser with baby oil and apply or use some baby oil, first applying directly on the problem area, rotating in circular motions to target [the] stain, then cleanse the area,” she says

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2. Makeup remover

If you have sensitive skin, this one’s for you. Crace says makeup remover is a great multipurpose product that can tackle hair dye stains in most cases. “Apply on a cotton ball with hair pulled back and rub away,” she says. Wait five minutes before rinsing and check the stain. It should disappear.

3. Nail polish remover

A quick Google search will bring up several articles on how nail polish remover removes hair dye from skin. According to many, it works. However, Crace isn’t quick to recommend it.

“My advice is always to stray away from using nail polish remover on any part of the face,” she says.

4. Hairspray

Finally, if all else fails spray a bit of hairspray onto a cotton ball. Before the color has time to dye your face, rub the cotton ball onto the stained area of skin to break the bond of color to the skin. Crace admits, she has not heard of much success with this method. So…

If at-home methods fail when trying to remove hair color stains, turn to the pros. Professional beauty supply store chains, like Sally’s Beauty Supply, sell inexpensive hair color stain removal blends that should do the trick.

“Also, don’t forget you can always give your local/nearest salon a visit to help remove the stain with a professional, gentle solution,” says Crace.

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