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Beauty using your kids’ products!

Think your kids’ products are just that — kids’ products? You’re wrong! Many kids products are great multi-tasking mom beauty products.

As moms, we often put ourselves on the backburner when it comes to buying beauty products. Sometimes, we wait to replenish our products until well after they are empty or simply don’t get them to save money for more important things… like music class, soccer or even ballet lessons for our kids. What you may not know is that many of the products you use on your children are also amazing beauty products! Check out some of our favorites!

Aquaphor Healing OintmentAquaphor Healing Ointment

(, $17)

Aquaphor is used by moms around the world to help treat dry skin and eczema. Luckily for moms, it also has a ton of beauty uses!

Aquaphor is excellent to use after med-spa treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser or acid peels. Aquaphor has no fragrance or preservatives and is fantastic at protecting the skin and encouraging healing, while allowing the skin to breathe.

For everyday beauty, this ointment is great to use on chapped lips (especially if you’re applying lipstick), to tame eyebrows or to remove your makeup. Makeup artists even use it on models’ cheeks and eyelids for a dewy glow on the runway.

A & D Original OintmentA & D Original Ointment

(, $5)

This ointment is used on babies to prevent diaper rash. On mom, the combination of vitamins A and D plus lanolin make it great to use on rough patches of skin, especially on the elbows, knees and feet. For soft, sexy feet, slather some on before bed and put on socks for super soft skin in the morning!

Baby powderBaby powder

(, $5)

Baby powder has been used by moms for years to keep their little ones fresh and dry (and it’s great to use at the beach to get excess sticky sand off of babies and kids). For mom, it’s the ideal dry hair powder. Who has time to wash their hair every day? Sprinkling baby powder under your hair and around the top and then brushing through will help remove oils and freshen hair. It’s also great for boosting volume and texture!

Musti Eau De Soin SprayMusti Eau De Soin Spray

(, $29)

Ok, so maybe babies don’t need perfume, but the lovely fragrance made for babies by Mustela might just be the right scent for you! This is also a celebrity mom favorite, and they often buy it only for themselves. A bonus is that it has moisturizing properties so your skin stays hydrated at the same time.

Baby wipesBaby wipes

(, $10)

Moms love baby wipes not only for diaper changes, but for cleaning up messy babies and kids in general. What they may not know is that baby wipes (especially the ones made for sensitive skin) are ideal for removing makeup! They’re a perfect beauty product to keep with you on the go if you need to refresh your makeup in the car or at work.

Baby oilBaby oil

(, $4)

Baby oil has been used by mamas around the world to massage their new babies. A bonus for moms is that it’s a great hydrating treatment after the shower! To truly seal moisture into your skin, use it right before getting out of the shower and then follow with your regular moisturizer. The oil helps to add an additional layer of moisture to your skin. For convenience, put some into a spray bottle to keep in the shower.

Cold mist humidifierCold mist humidifier

(Walgreens, $20)

Your baby has a cold and your pediatrician advised you to place a cold mist humidifier in her room to ease her congestion. You may not realize it, but you get a beauty benefit at the same time! The mist from the humidifier provides your skin with much needed hydration. If your baby is in a different room, consider getting a personal humidifier to keep by your bedside to help maintain youthful, baby soft skin year round!

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