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Bank on bold brows for fall and winter

The makeup mavens at SheKnows love to share the latest must-try beauty trends, and when it comes to spicing up your look, the eyes have it. That’s why we wanted to fill you in on our best tips and favorite trends when it comes to how to style your eyebrows this season.

Woman with bold eyebrows

Brow trend alert

This is the year of the bold, in-charge brow. Gone are the days of wispy, thin, over-plucked arches — this fall’s bold eyebrows are making a statement. Reema Khan, founder of s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar, has been shaping eyebrows using the ancient method of threading for over 20 years and has created a mini-empire. From her years of brow-based experience, Khan is on the cutting edge of how to achieve on-trend arches. She tells us that many women aren’t sure what to do with their brows and more importantly, many do not know that properly arched eyebrows can literally give an instant face lift, making you look younger and more put together.

Thin is no longer in

When it comes to styling your eyebrows this season, think robust and natural-looking. “For a while now people have been staying away from very thin brows and turning to more dramatic brows,” Khan says. She adds that this renewed interest in bolder, get-noticed brows has likely stemmed from the spate of celebrities rocking the look. Everyone from Camilla Belle to Miranda Kerr to former supermodel extraordinaire Claudia Schiffer has been making a bold brow statement. “I think people are looking to trendsetters such as celebrities and models,” Khan says.

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer

Mirranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Khan has also noticed more people coming in with either pictures or descriptions of fuller brows and asking to get the look, which can be universally flattering. “This brow can look good on anyone as long as the shaping of their brow is done properly,” she says. That usually means going to a professional, who can create a look that best suits your face shape and bone structure, which ensures you avoid any potential mishaps.

Tips and maintenance

Grooming is very important, Khan explains. “Just because you have full brows does not mean unkempt and bushy.” To keep things neat and polished, it’s important to have a brow brush and use a brow gel to keep unruly arches at bay.

As for how to make up the rest of your face when bold eyebrows take center stage, the trick is to stay balanced, Khan says. “Too much of too many things can be an overwhelming look.” She suggests playing around with makeup looks to see which ones look best with fuller brows. Just like you wouldn’t want to wear too much eye makeup with too much lipstick, you want to avoid going over the top with your look when brows have the spotlight: “I always think that balance is important and tell that to my clients.”

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