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Hollywood’s go-to girl clears up common skin care myths

We recently caught up with Kate Somerville, skin care expert to the Hollywood elite, to help us clear up some common skin care misconceptions that will help you clear up your skin issues.

Tips for winter skin care

Before we get to the bottom of some skin care myths, Kate has three skin care tips to save your skin from wintertime woes. Say it with us, exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize.

First up is great exfoliation. “Remember that dead skin is dry skin, so even in the winter you want to exfoliate a little bit more,” says Kate. Next on her winter skin care checklist is to hydrate. “You want to put something called hyaluronic acid back into the skin.” Finally, use a great moisturizer. “Make sure that you have peptides in your moisturizer,” she stresses, as that’s what will keep your skin beautiful.

According to Kate, these three easy skin care tips will help you transform your skin to keep up with the winter season.

Prioritizing your products

Since skin care products can be expensive, here’s a quick tip from Kate to help you decide where to splurge and where to save.

“You can save on your cleansers,” she says. “Cleansers are cleansers, but your exfoliants — that’s where you should splurge, and your moisturizers because you want a lot of peptides and retinols and those are expensive ingredients.”

But when it comes to picking up your cleansers at the drug store Kate says, “Sure!”

Clearing up the facts of skin care

Fact or false? Never go to sleep with makeup on.

Fact. “Please don’t!” begs Kate, “You have all those chemicals and bacteria on the skin. It’s never going to be a good thing. Trust me girls!” She even jokes, “I don’t care where you end up that night, get to the bathroom and get your makeup off.”

If you don’t have cleanser on hand…

“If baby wipes are around, that’s a good solution. You don’t want to use hand soap because it’s harsh. It’s actually going to cause more damage. You’re gonna get dry then your body is going to start over producing oil.

Fact or false? Self-tanning products have chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

Fact. Not all self-tanning products are created alike, Kate confirms. “I’ve dealt with more issues with self-tanning products than anything.” Try Kate’s vitamin-infused tanning towelette.

Fact or false? Products with caffeine will tighten your skin and give a more youthful look.

Fact. Kate offered us a great tip for home remedy. “Steep green tea bags in hot water and apply them under the eyes. Then take cold spoons, after you remove them, with your eye cream and massage it in.” The caffeine and the cold temperature from the spoons help to reduce puffy eyes.

Smart skin care in your 20s and 30s…

“In your 20s you wanna make sure that you stay away from scrubs that contain nuts — nothing that’s harsh. Also, making sure that your moisturizer matches your skin type.” But the number one skin rule that 20-somethings should follow is to wear sunscreen, Kate tells us.

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