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Does a good blow dryer really matter?

Some of the most simple hair care concepts can often be the most confusing and cause the most mistakes. That’s why we consulted a true hair expert to get the details on how best to take care of your strands.

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Does a good blow dryer really matter? That is the question, isn’t it, ladies? In the world of beauty, the drugstore versus department store debate runs rampant. You shouldn’t waste your money on expensive mascara, say the experts, but you should invest in a nice foundation. But what about hair care? How does your drugstore blow dryer measure up to a professional one? To find out, we consulted Justine Piecuch, Stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon to get the scoop on what stylists think we know, but we really don’t.

As a stylist at one of the nation’s most prestigious salons, Piecuch runs into people who suffer from poor hair care routines all the time. But even though many of us don’t really give a second thought to what we dry our hair with, it really is an important part of your hair care routine, she says: “Believe it or not, a good blow dryer does matter. For those with frizz concerns it all starts here.”

Coupled with the right products, a good dryer can lead the way to a great hair day. If you’re stuck with the wrong dryer, though, problems can arise. Here are Piecuch’s top reasons why cheap blow dryers aren’t exactly ideal for your locks:

  1. They’re too hot and lack proper power: “Cheap blow-dryers are very hot and because there is very little power behind them, you end up exposing hair to heat for longer periods, causing damage over time.”
  2. They can lead to major frizz: “Since there’s no power behind a cheaper blow-dryer, it takes forever to dry hair, and eventually most people just give up and head out the door,” Piecuch says. “Because the hair is left with moisture in it, frizz begins and basically you would’ve spared yourself the time and effort by not doing anything at all.”

What to look for in a blowdryer

Just like there are certain traits you should look for in a mate, there are some important qualities you should consider when you’re in the market for a new blow dryer.

Piecuch recommends paying attention to the settings on the blow dryer you’re considering. It’s important, she says, to make sure it has warm, cool and speed settings. Also, a blow dryer with a concentrator (the nozzle you put on the tip) is always helpful “because it directs the hair in the spot you’re pointing for more control,” she says.

Product recommendations

Finding a professional-quality blow dryers doesn’t have to break the bank, Piecuch says: “There are many great blow dryers on the market and you can definitely get professional ones anywhere between $70-150.”

The perfect blow dryer for you depends on what you’re willing to spend, but Piecuch recommends the following brands: Solano, Sedu and BaByliss PRO. She also recommends or as great resources for buying beauty products.

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