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Fresh on the market: New beauty products worth trying

As in fashion, beauty trends roll out each year. A few of them stick and become popular among the beauty-loving masses, but most of them are eventually discontinued. Which should you buy and which should you leave behind? We’ve compiled the best in this year’s beauty trends, so you can skip the gimmicks and buy only the best new products worth trying.

1Juice Beauty Soothing Serum

Natural and effective finally meet in the perfect combination. A concoction of aloe vera, antioxidant-packed raspberry juice, essential fatty acids, and vitamin C, with bearberry and licorice botanicals, that helps soothe tired skin. Detoxifying ingredients draw impurities from the skin, leaving nothing but a healthy glow behind. Bearberry, which was once used as a remedy for urinary tract infections and back pain, is believed to brighten the skin.

Juice Beauty Soothing Serum

2Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter

Hair and butter are two things that shouldn’t mix, unless you’re talking about Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter by The Body Shop. Move over argan oil. Pracaxi oil is the main ingredient in this hair-soothing moisturizer. The exotic oil, extracted from seeds native to the Amazon, hydrates and shines-up tired, dry hair for a healthy look.

Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour EyeShadow Quad

3Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol

Olay’s new anti-acne skin care regimen designed for adults takes some pretty radical turns from typical teen-based acne treatments. The three step “protocol” uses less-drying salicylic acid than normal acne treatments and amps up the focus on moisture. Ultimately, maintaining a healthy balance of oil and moisture in the skin will prevent breakouts, not cause them. Dry, cracked, damaged skin is more likely to break out than perfectly balanced skin. Olay understands this, and this protocol could be your road to recovery from adult acne.

Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol

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4MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream

Mediterranean beauties have been touting the benefits of Monk’s Pepper for ages. “Monk’s Pepper” is actually a nickname for the vitex agnus-castus, which is a flowering plant used to treat PMS and breast pain, but it’s also packed with skin-saving antioxidants. MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream utilizes the plant’s benefits, along with other “bioactives,” including retinol and gogi berry extract, that generate radiant, young-looking skin. Best for dry and aging skin, MyChelle products are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream

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