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Savvy Shopping: How to find the best beauty deals

When scouring the beauty aisles, you’ve probably noticed that the markup on beauty products is astronomical. You can easily pay hundreds of dollars for your full makeup “wardrobe” if you’re not careful. Here are a few ways to find the best beauty deals on your quest to look your best.

Girl shopping for cosmetics

1Clip those coupons

It might seem like a simple solution, but if there’s a drug store product you really love, coupons are the way to go. Search weekly circulars from the mail and newspaper for the products you use the most. But avoid the temptation of buying a new product just because you have a coupon — unless it’s a potentially useful product you’ve been dying to try.

2Get more bang for your buck

If you prefer to purchase upscale department store brands, you might as well wait to get more for your money. Free gift offers, as makeup counters call them, are sets containing lipsticks, moisturizers and other beauty product samples that encourage customers to explore their brand. If you know you’re going to buy a product from that beauty counter anyway, wait until their free gift offer rolls around. That way, instead of just getting a $25 tube of foundation, you get lipstick, eyeliner and blush samples to match.

3Scour the web

There are blogs and websites devoted to finding the best possible deals on the Internet. aggregates hot sales, and they often feature beauty steals. is a great place to search for web coupon codes on the products you’re already intending to buy. Making a big purchase at Simply type the site’s name into’s search bar and try your luck at finding a coupon code listed.

4Wait for the sale

It might seem difficult to wait out a sale, especially when your eyeliner at home is running low. But if you do wait for an item you love and use daily to go on sale, you can see some serious savings. Then stock up on the items you use the most — because that soft, pink, luminescent blush you’ve used for decades probably isn’t going out of style, and odds are that you won’t be ousting it from your makeup wardrobe. Plus, keeping a surplus of the makeup you love means you won’t have another panic-stricken, “I forgot to buy concealer” day again.

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