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Easy solutions to common beauty problems

Common beauty problems don’t have to turn into complete disasters. With these helpful tips and easy solutions, you can solve your beauty dilemmas in no time.

Woman with frizzy hair

1Dry skin

Get rid of dry, itchy skin by moisturizing both morning and night. Shop for products that are geared toward your skin type, as some people need a heavier moisturizer than others. If your skin is especially dry, reapply moisturizer throughout the day. Use creamy soaps and cleansers with natural oils. Cover up when you go outside to avoid further damage. However, it’s not just the cold, windy weather than can dry out your skin — indoor heating systems can do a number on your skin as well.

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2Fading makeup

Your makeup looks beautiful when you leave the house in the morning, but a couple hours later your eye shadow is creasing or fading away. Get your makeup to stay put with the perfect primer. Try Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray ($26.00). Glide it on before applying eye makeup or concealer. It keeps your makeup in place, reduces the appearance of fine lines and fights signs of aging.

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3Dark spots

Dark spots or age spots can be lightened with a variety of different products. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector ($49.50) is a top choice, as is Clarins Vital Light Serum ($85.00). Also look for exfoliating scrubs with glycolic acid and salicylic acid to help lighten discolorations. Many women also swear by lemon juice for dark spots. Mix it with honey so that the juice isn’t as harsh on your skin.

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4Rough heels

To get rid of rough, cracked heels, start by soaking your feel in a milk bath several times per week. Mix one part milk to six parts warm water and soak for at least 10 minutes. Also treat your feet to a homemade foot scrub made with sugar, olive oil and honey once a week. Every night, slather on your favorite moisturizer and wear white cotton socks while you sleep. You should see significant improvement in the condition of your feet within a couple weeks.

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5Puffy eyes

Allergies, crying, alcohol, lack of sleep and a number of other factors can lead to swollen, puffy eyes. In the morning, take a cool shower to open up your eyes and get your day started. Apply a small plastic bag of ice (or even a package of frozen veggies) to your eyes for 10-15 minutes. The cold will help reduce the swelling.

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6Frizzy hair

To fight the frizz, always use a heat protection serum before you blow dry. Also, hold the blow dryer pointed downward to help reduce unwanted frizz and flyaways. In the wintertime, use a hydrating shampoo and apply a deep-conditioning treatment once a week. If your hair is especially frizzy, try a leave-in conditioner to keep it under control.

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7Chapped lips

Slough away dead skin cells by exfoliating your lips with a combination of honey and coffee grounds. Massage the mixture onto your lips with a wash cloth in the shower to reveal smoother, softer skin. Follow up by using a lip product like Carmex Moisture Plus ultra hydrating lip balm ($2.99). It leaves your lips hydrated and shiny with a touch or color.

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Many women continue to get pimples well after their teenage years. If you’re battling adult acne flare-ups, learn what’s causing your pimples and then explore different treatment options. Acne can be caused by stress, cosmetics, bacteria, hormones and other factors. If you have tried traditional over-the-counter treatments without results, head to the dermatologist. He can prescribe prescription-strength medication or give you an injection to get rid of problem pimples quickly.

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