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Improve the look of your skin with facial cleansing oil

If the thought of cleansing your face with oil sets you on edge, we’re here to tell you it’s actually a great way to remove dirt, makeup and yes, oil from your skin. While it may seem counterproductive (don’t we cleanse to get oil off our skin?), it is a skin cleansing method that leaves your complexion soft, smooth and ultra-clean. Read on to find out more about the newest skin saving must-have.

Woman using cleansing oils

Expert skin care advice

We asked Josephine Fusco, a New York City-based makeup artist and skin care expert, about why facial cleansing oils are such a good option for achieving complexion perfection. Fusco is a big fan of this cleansing method despite the fact that some people are skeptical about trying it. “It is by far one of the best cleansing methods that won’t disrupt the skin’s natural balance,” she tells us.

What are cleansing oils?

Cleansing oils remove makeup gently from the face, causing no irritation or dryness, but at the same time, the oil maintains the skin’s natural level of oils. This is important because when skin gets too dry, it will actually produce more oil, rather than remain balanced. Cleansing oils will also remove impurities, leaving the skin refreshed. “It really truly is a great product because the first step to great skin is great skin care,” Fusco explains.

How to use cleansing oils

Gently massage your cleansing oil onto dry skin to remove makeup, dirt and other impurities. You can also use a cleansing sponge or cotton ball, Fusco says. Next take a washcloth soaked in hot water (not too hot) and place it on your face to steam open your pores (which lets the oil out, along with all the other dirt and debris you dont want on your skin). Once the cloth has cooled on your skin, use it to wipe away the oil. Rinse the cloth and go over your face once more to remove any remaining oil. “You will see all makeup be removed in a very effective way and even on clean skin, you will see the dirt that is accumulated from day to day activity come off in one single step.”

Shu Uemura Cleansing OilsCleansing Oil Product picks

There are many cleansing oils on the market today, but the ones that Fusco deems truly the best are Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils. Shu Uemura is the pioneer in cleansing oils (the brand first introduced them in 1967) and they contain complexion-boosting botanical oils, including avocado and jojoba, making them very high performance oils. “They will even remove the hardest of waterproof mascaras and toughest of lip stains,” she says. A few other options to try include:

AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes: Gently dissolves makeup and impurities while leaving skin hydrated and soft. This product is also made without parabens, sulfates and other potentially irritating ingredients. $50

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil: This power-packed formula removes makeup and cleanses skin while maintaining natural moisture levels and conditioning skin with olive and jojoba oils. Skin is clean, calm and refreshed post-wash. $39

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil: Remove even the toughest, budge-proof makeup with this effective facial cleansing oil. Debris and other potential pore clogging substances are easily dissolved and skin is left soft and smooth. $26

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