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Bold, spidery lashes are in

This fall is all about bold, brash, look-at-me lashes. And we’re not referring to the long and lean variety so often coveted by beauty buffs everywhere. No, this time we’re talking heavy lashes, laden with mascara, otherwise known as spider lashes. If you’re skeptical, we don’t blame you, but everyone from Kim Kardashian to Chloe Sevigny is on the bold lash bandwagon, not to mention its appearance on every recent runway from Marc Jacobs to Lanvin. So we’re here to give you the inside scoop on this trend and show you how it’s done.

Kim Kardashian Spider LashesExpert eyes

We talked to Dmitri James, professional makeup artist and author and creator of Skinn Cosmetics, about why spider lashes are this season’s makeup must. “Spider lashes, or very long, clumpy lashes are very popular this season,” he says. “The trend in cosmetics continues to be all about the heavy eye and especially the very heavy lash.”

Heavier lashes really balance this season’s bolder brow. More lash is a better choice versus more shadow with this look.

To achieve spider lashes, James applies cut up strips of lashes all over the eye and even applies double sets of lashes to the outer corner for a heavier batwing eye. He then accentuates this with over-extended liner. Daunted? Don’t be. Getting the look at home is easier than you think.

Get the look

James shares his tips for getting the spider lash look at home.

First, apply a band of artificial spidery lashes (lashes with long spiky pieces) that have been cut into three sections. This allows for easier application and for a better fit to the individual eye.

Pick mascara with fibers built in (mascara that contains small fibers that attach to the ends of your lashes) to fill the gaps between the artificial and real lashes. Never use brown mascara as it makes eyes look tired and red. Black is the only option for this look, James advises. Note: You should never see the skin of the lid in between your lashes. If your lashes are sparse at the base, line the lash line with eye liner.

Bat the lash brush tip directly onto the lashes and “clump” it on, and then brush through so the mascara goes on thicker.

Apply some face powder to the lashes with a large powder brush after the mascara has dried, and then follow with another coat of mascara. And there you have the hottest trend for lashes. Says James: “The look is heavy, messy and not the refined lady-lash at all!”

Personalize your lashes

Even a singular trend can be personalized, you just have to think about your own personality and the mood you’re going for, James says. He provides some tips for several popular, spider lash-based looks.

  • Seductive: Consider outer lash corners only for a sexy, seductive cat eye.
  • Flirty: Choose long feathery lashes and keep them well separated.
  • Avant garde: Go with a heavy full upper band with heavy spidery lashes and a heavy lower lash.
  • Innocently sexy: Choose lashes with the longest hairs in the center and really round out the liner and shadow for a large “deer in the headlights” look.
  • Younger: Mature women are better off having lash extensions applied regularly and going easy on the mascara.

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Even in Ancient Greece, women took great pains to make their eyes more enchanting. These days, all you need is a set of false eyelashes and a little patience!

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