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How to match your hair and clothing colors

Wearing the right colors can make your skin, hair and overall appearance vibrant and beautiful. Likewise, the wrong shades can make you look washed out and drab. When deciding on clothing colors, consider your style preferences, skin tone and even your hair color.

blonde woman trying on clothes

Best clothing colors for blondes

Blondes generally look best in bright, warm colors. Consider yellow, orange and rust, as well as neutrals such as cream, taupe and crisp white. Platinum blondes look stunning in true red as well as any shade of blue. Jewel tones flatter warm, honey blondes, as do colors with red undertones. For light brunettes, saturated shades of color rather than pastels are your best bet.

Best clothing colors for brunettes

For brunettes, jewel tones such as emerald green and sapphire blue are very flattering. Depending on your highlights and undertones, though, orange, pink and yellow are also good choices. Warm brunettes look fabulous in olive green, orange-red and deep purple. Cool brunettes stand out in chocolate brown, navy blue and charcoal gray. Black hair looks amazing when teamed up with fire-engine red, cobalt blue or royal purple.

Best clothing colors for redheads

Redheads look fabulous in green as well as ivory. Avoid some yellows, which wash out the pale, freckled skin of most redheads. Consider warm shades of orange and brown. Dark auburn and true red hair is complemented beautifully by earth tones — beige, brown, green and camel. Navy, pink and bright red aren’t your best options. For strawberry blonde and light auburn hair, peachy pink, violet blue, aqua green and golden yellow are top choices. True pink and bright purple partnered with red hair offer an eye-catching clash that makes a real statement.


For a subtle, sophisticated look, wear clothing colors that match your hair — for example, brunettes with tan to dark chocolate to reddish brown clothing; blondes with cream and gold pieces; and redheads with various shades of red apparel.

Striking contrast

On the other hand, clothing in colors that contrast boldly with your hair color can create a stunning look that will put you at the center of attention. Blondes should consider black or true red. Brunettes can experiment with fuchsia or lime green. Redheads should try electric blue or turquoise.

Some colors are universally flattering. Those shades include dark red, deep teal and eggplant. No matter your skin tone or hair color, you can embrace these beautiful hues.

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