Macy’s and True Fit introduce apparel recommendation engine

Making drastic improvements to the way women shop for apparel online, Macy’s and True Fit have teamed up to give women a way to virtually see how clothing and shoes will fit their specific body types, without ever stepping foot in the dressing room.

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Virtual reality

Remember Cher Horowitz’s closet in the movie Clueless? You know, the one where her computer puts together attractive ensembles and shows her what they will look like on her body?

It seemed impossible in the ’90s, but fast forward to today and it’s a virtual reality. Mega retailer Macy’s has partnered with True Fit, the leader in fit innovation software, to launch a fit recommendation engine that will never let you buy something that doesn’t fit properly ever again.

Say farewell to ill-fitting apparel

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Users can create True Fit profiles in three easy steps on the Macy’s website.

  1. User identifies brands, styles and sizes that fit best from their closet.
  2. User selects a few conceptual body descriptions for key fit zones.
  3. User completes the profile with a few basics.

Once the profile is completed, the user can browse normally and True Fit will “try on” clothing for them – showing the recommended size for their body, a 5-point scale rating on how well it will fit and fit details on major parts of the body. It also filters results by your style and brand preferences.

To do this, True Fit uses algorithms to analyze data from each user’s profile and shopping behavior. Therefore, the more you shop, the better True Fit will be able to understand you.

The software will eventually be available for mobile devices, tablets and on in-store kiosks, but as of now, it’s only available online through Macy’s denim finder. So, we’ll just have to wait and see if this really is the solution to our dressing room woes.

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