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Simple ways to look chic

You don’t need big bucks or a personal stylist to look A-list stylish. Here are some simple ways to look chic without spending a fortune.

Woman trying on sunglasses

1Score some hot shades

Dark/oversized sunglasses may be the easiest way to look chic without much effort. It’s the intrigue of “who’s behind those lenses?” that makes sunglasses so cool. Have fun trying different sizes, shapes and colors to find a look that complements your face.

2Add a timeless accessory

Even jeans and a t-shirt look chic with a single strand of pearls or a pair of diamond earrings, but you don’t need such elaborate baubles. Scour antique stores, pawn shops, and even thrift stores for interesting old brooches, chunky costume jewelry or scarves in ornate patterns. Looking chic is also about not wearing something everyone else is, so don’t be afraid to experiment with unique or timeless accessories.

3Belt it

A belt can be the centerpiece of an outfit if chosen and worn correctly. A wide, chunky one can transform a tunic and leggings ensemble from grocery-store casual to sexy night out by simply showing off your curves.

4Glam your makeup

While a natural, fresh-faced look is beautiful, nothing says chic like long, dark lashes, rosy cheeks or bright red lips (just not all at once!). Give your daily makeup routine a little kick by choosing one facial feature — eyes, cheeks, lips — to accentuate. If you need a nudge in the right direction, stop by a makeup counter for a tutorial, a mini-makeover and some great new product suggestions to play up your look. Once you have an idea of how to best accentuate your features, you can play with all kinds of shades — even from the drugstore counter.

5Heel, boy

There’s a reason you never hear “flip flops” and “chic” in the same sentence. It’s a fact: High heels are classy, sexy and always chic. Pair them with practically any cut of jeans, a knee-length pencil skirt, a dress or even sexy shorts. No matter what their style — boots, booties, pumps — high heels always give you a leg up on style. Just don’t go overboard. Save the platform stilettos for pole-dancing class.

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