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Kitchen decorating ideas for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. You get to dress up as a sexy nurse, binge out on candy, drink blood colored cocktails and act completely crazy without any judgment. You also get to stock up on fun, spooky decorations and deck your house out in spooks and ghouls. One of my favorite rooms of the house to make over is the kitchen.

halloween tablescape

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As fun as kitchen decorating is, too many decorations can clutter it up, leaving you no room to conjure up your spooky sweets or poison apples! Instead, try these fun decorating tips to add some spook to your kitchen without all the extra clutter! (I don’t know about you, but my kitchen is always cluttered enough!)

1Create a boo-tiful tablescape

If you have a kitchen table or adjoining dining room table, use this space to really get creative with your favorite Halloween decorations. An easy DIY project is to get three white pumpkins, six mini pumpkins, two candlesticks (rusty silver or black, if possible!), black paint, spider webs and a paintbrush. On the three white pumpkins, spell out BOO with the paint. Set those up in the center of the table and cluster the smaller pumpkins around it. Use the spider web to create a spooky area for the pumpkins to sit on. Place two black or orange candles into the spooky candlesticks and voila! You have a spooky Halloween tablescape. For an added spook factor, place little plastic spiders in the webs!

Create a boo-tiful tablescape

2Spookify your windows

Windows and windowsills are the easiest places to add decorations without clutter. On window sills, place Halloween figurines, mini pumpkins or spider webs to create an instant spooky effect. A fun DIY is to grab a lollipop, drape in a mini white napkin or tissue paper and hang using string from the actual windows. Add two little dots for a nose and mouth and you have easy hanging window ghosts! Another idea is to stick window clings (like the one shown to the right) to your actual window for an easy and spooky illustration! You can buy cheap window clings at any Party City or Party Depot!

Spookify your windows

3Swap in Halloween accessories

An easy, no Martha Stewart skill required way to turn your kitchen into a haunted one is to trade out your smaller accessories for spooky ones! For example, swap your normal taupe or white dish towels for some fun, Halloween-inspired ones! Instead of a soup serving spoon and bowl, use a cauldron and ladle! Trade your normal drinking glasses for ones with Halloween patterns or scenes. You can also swap your normal wall art for scary prints, posters and sayings. For all of your ghoulish baking, use cookie cutters in shapes of ghosts, haunted houses and spiders instead of the normal round or fruit shape!

Swap in Halloween accessories

4Highlight your pumpkin

Don’t have the capital to buy all new props, decorations and scary stuff? Don’t fret — you can still create a spooky kitchen just by highlighting your pumpkin! Pumpkins are symbols of this haunted holiday and carving a pumpkin is a very easy way to infuse some Halloween into your kitchen. Just carve your favorite scary face or trace a haunted house template, add a candle inside and place on your table or countertop! Or, if you are like my husband, create an entire storyline and show with the pumpkins! Talk about an easy, spooky centerpiece!

Hightlight your pumpkin

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