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HTC Flyer Tablet mistakenly advertised for $99

HTC Flyer Tablet: Get yours for $99. Or not. It turns out the bargain price that Best Buy advertised the HTC Flyer tablet for was a mistake. Bummer!



If you thought you might be able to score an HTC Flyer Tablet for just $99, Best Buy has some bad news for you. The HTC Flyer Tablet will not be yours for under a hundred bucks. Unfortunately, the electronics retailer made a mistake when it listed the Flyer online for $99.99

International Business Times reports that it was an SKU error that resulted it the mistaken price. Apparently, some stores honored the erroneous price after buyers purchased the HTC Flyer for $99, and then went to the store to pick it up. However, not all did and some buyers received a disappointing email informing them that Best Buy wouldn’t honor the purchase.

This past Saturday, Best Buy slashed the price of the HTC Flyer Tablet from $499 to $299. That occurred just days after Amazon announced the new Kindle Fire — and its low price.

The HTC Flyer Tablet is a seven-inch tablet with 16 GB of memory. It operates on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System. The new price — of $299, not $99 — applies to HTC Flyer purchases from Best Buy’s website, its regular stores and Best Buy Mobile Standalone stores.

>> Tell us: Do you think Best Buy should have honored the $99 price on all purchases of the HTC Flyer Tablet that were made before the retailer corrected the mistake?

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