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Cheap and stylish flats for moms on-the-go

Kristin Larson

Stylish moms know they don’t need to sacrifice fashion for comfort when it comes to shoes. Still, when you’re scrambling to run out the door and juggling a million things, it’s easy to be tempted by those tried-and-true sneakers even though you know you’ll look (and feel) way cuter in a snazzy pair of flats.

Woman wearing flat shoes

Ladies, what would we do without flats? They’re like shoes from fashion heaven. When you wear them, you can still chase the kids — something you can’t do while sporting four-inch heels (unless you’re Katie Holmes) — and look chic enough to head to lunch with the gals or dinner with the hubby. But in spite of their fabulous advantages, flats aren’t always the first choice of a busy mom.

Many moms slip their feet into whatever is most comfy (like Crocs or some other pair of frumpy shoes), but if we have any say in it, you’ll be ditching your sneakers for flats this fall. Whether you’re a mom who commutes by train or works at home, you can find shoes that not only look fabulous but are comfortable and don’t break the bank.

Embrace the flats

Still skeptical about abandoning your favorite sneaks? NYC-based stylist Kalyn Johnson weighs in on how the right shoes can actually change your life. “Shoes are the one accessory that actually have the power to affect and change our moods because the shoes you choose to wear affect your body’s stance and stride. Not only will you feel much more stylish in a pair of ballet flats or loafers, you will be much more stylish in them as well,” she notes.

Plus, chic flats scream style maven. “A cute pair of flats can take you from frumpy to stylish in an instant whether you’re running errands, picking the kids up and dropping them off or meeting a friend for lunch,” Johnson adds.

Variety of flat shoes

Find the right flat for you

No matter how gorgeous your favorite shoes are, you need comfort, and Johnson recommends looking for these details: a rounded toe box or a toe box that gives your toes enough room to spread out comfortably (try these Unlisted by Kenneth Cole animal print ballet flats, $45); proper arch support (we suggest these Steve Madden bejeweled flats, $100); well-designed shoes with no exposed seams,  bits of leather or rubber on the inside that could potentially rub against your foot and cause discomfort (check out these Mossimo Supply Co. red ruffle ballet flats, $13). To make shoes even more comfortable and pain-free, Johnson recommends adding Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics.

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All it takes to keep your feet happy and pain-free are a few precautions.

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