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Statement eye trends

Fall brings bold seasonal changes and deeper textures that provide the perfect backdrop for experimenting with new makeup looks that are edgy and fresh. Here’s how to achieve the latest statement eye trends.

Woman wearing winged eyeliner

1Metallic shine

Makeup artist Laura Geller says that a metallic eye can be worn in a variety of ways: subtle with coppery browns, bold with silvers and golds, or smoldering with metallic teals, purples and pinks. Complete the look with a few coats of carbon-black mascara to really make eyes pop, and remember — this look can be worn subtly for day or bold for a night out.

2Heavy brows

Lisamarie Wilson, beauty editor at Beauty Crazed, says that heavy brows are one trend that is easy to overdo. The easiest way to achieve a natural heavy brow is of course, to have them! Stop overplucking, and define brows using a light brow gel. If your brows are sparse from years of tweezing, however, it may be time to call in reinforcements in the form of a filler — but apply carefully. Wilson says that a common mistake is using a brow filler or pencil that is either too dark or applied too far over the natural brow line. To pull the look off like a pro, she suggests a brow color that is just one shade darker than your hair color for a dramatic look that isn’t too jarring. You can also add extra wow to a heavy brow with complementary looks on the rest of your face. Wilson suggests accessorizing a heavy brow with a touch of eyeliner, a soft metallic shadow wash and a bright lip.

3Winged eyeliner

Creative eyeliner isn’t just for night, but practice a little caution if you’re applying a winged look for the office. Wilson suggests keeping any wing within the limits of the end of your brow to avoid a clowinish look. For long wings, she suggests using a liquid liner — but precision is key. Help to prevent messy application by steadying your elbow on a table or counter. If you’re going for a dramatic wing, keep your lipstick neutral.

4Smoky eyes

For fall 2011, smoky eyes make an additional impact when they’re achieved with colors. (When it comes to an updated smoky eye, green is the new black or gray). If you feel daring, you can also experiment with navy and purple shadows. However, if you want a truly deep, traditional smoky look that feels smoldering, deeper hues still reign supreme. You can also try a metallic blend for a fresh approach to a smoky eye at night. To keep application mess- and frustration-free, Wilson suggests applying eye makeup first and following with foundation after, so that you can easily dust away any run-off from the shadow.

“Beauty trends are just like fashion trends; don’t wear them all at once! They will have the most drama and impact taken one at a time.” Lisamarie Wilson, beauty editor at Beauty Crazed

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