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How to love your denim this season

Melissa Rivers spends some time in the SheKnows style closet checking out denim and shouting out tips for keeping a good relationship with your denim. The trick? Finding the right fit.

How to love your denim

“Okay, jeans — you love ’em, you hate ’em. Every woman has a complicated relationship with her jeans because they’re a staple,” says Melissa. We recruited the red carpet style queen to give a few pointers on loving your denim.

The wide leg

She starts with the wide leg jean — a style she thinks is groovy and hip. “I like these better on taller women but if you’re short, make sure the hem is correct. They should almost touch the ground and you should wear big platforms with them.”

The skinny and the straight leg

Next up is the skinny jean, “which doubles as a really great legging,” Melissa points out. To style these jeans, she suggests tucking your skinny into a pair of boots or booties.

“The most important thing is the fit,” Melissa declares. “If you find a brand that works for you, stay with them. Check everything — check the waist, check length, put a hem in. If you like them, get two pairs!”

That’s good advice for any woman who desires the perfect denim — As the Editor in Cheif of, Melissa Rivers wouldn’t stear a woman wrong when it comes to looking fabulous.

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