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5 Ways to fix up your bathroom for less than $100

A complete bathroom renovation can be very expensive, second only to redoing a kitchen. From time to time, every bathroom can use a little fix-up. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to give it a fresh new look. With some smart ideas and a few hours of work, you can give your bathroom a beautiful facelift for under $100.

remodel your bathroom on a budget

1De-clutter and clean

Start by clearing out and cleaning up. It’s amazing how different a bathroom looks when you get rid of the clutter that accumulates on the vanity and tub deck. Scrub everything: sparkling fixtures and gleaming grout will make it look fresher instantly.


Painting is by far the easiest way to transform a room for very little money. Because the bathroom is usually a small room, it’s a fun place to experiment with colors and paint treatments. You can make the room appear larger by painting vertical stripes, or choose a bolder color than you’d select for other spaces in your home. Paint is also a cheap way to update the cabinets. Add a splash of glossy color, and finish off the look by adding new hardware. It’s the jewelry in the room!

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Worn out dingy towels? Replace them with soft and fluffy new ones. Add a little luxury with a bath sheet or Turkish towels. Update your lighting with a new fixture. For under $50, you can find a sleek new fixture at a builder’s store and make a real difference in the room.

If your bathroom requires a shower curtain, it’s time to lose the utilitarian plain plastic curtain and opt for a decorator look. Shower curtains visually consume a lot of area in the room, so choose a new one that brings pattern, texture, color and style into the space! There are literally hundreds of choices available, so select one that defines your style.

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4Frame it

If you have a plain plate-glass builder’s basic mirror, give it a frame! This project is simple: purchase some molding from your local home improvement store, cut to fit, paint it and adhere to the mirror. Fill in the corners with a bit of wood filler, then sand and do your touch-up paint. You get a big impact for just a little time and money!

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You can also find some inexpensive frames, and bring art into the room by grouping some prints, photographs or posters on the wall.

5Step on it

Add a new bathroom rug and bath mat. This is another opportunity to add color and softness to the room. Who doesn’t like curling their toes in a plush rug on a cold winter morning? It’s just one more simple luxury.

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