The moisturizing guide for your face and body

Moisturizing can minimize the look of wrinkles, help clear up acne and soothe stressed skin. It can also be tricky to choose which moisturizers are best for you. Here is a guide to help lead you in the right direction.

Woman applying moisturizer

1For acne-prone skin, go light

Acne products like cleansers and wipes can dry out skin leading you to think you have dry skin, but oil production is a main cause of blemishes. Cut out the drying middle man! After cleansing with an antibacterial cleanser or soap (without drying salicylic acids), moisturize with a light oil-free lotion. After a few weeks, your skin will balance out, and you’ll see fewer blemishes.

2For dry skin, go heavy

Whether you’re dry on your face or body, heavy moisturizers will do the trick. Moisturize from head to toe. Try a cream on your face rather than a lotion. Different brands can be greasy, so it might take some experimenting to see which moisturizers work best for you.

3For aging skin, focus on the eyes

If you choose one place on your body to moisturize, make it around your eyes. Nix those crow’s feet with moisture! The right moisturizer will plump up wrinkles and diminish the look of them, while protecting from the harmful sun’s rays with SPF 15 or higher.

4Hand it to hand cream

Aside from eyes, hands show their age quickly. You can help combat aging by moisturizing regularly. Moisturizing keeps cuticles looking fresh and skin looking youthful and elastic. Keep hand cream in your purse or office desk drawer for those bathroom hand washings throughout the day or during the harsh winter months.

5Firm up

Looking to lose weight? Have you been hitting the gym lately? Make sure your skin follows in your body’s path. Shrinking mass means your skin needs to catch up. Firming lotions can help you along in the process, preventing stretch marks and tightening skin as you lose the pounds.

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Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so treat it well!

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