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Celebrity makeup looks we love

Celebrities always seem to have their makeup perfectly done. But getting a celebrity-style look isn’t as difficult as you think. We selected some of our favorite celebrity looks and found out exactly how to get them.

1Scarlett Johansson’s smoky subtlty

Scar Jo’s makeup is a mix of sexy and natural — a deadly combination. Not too much and not too little, this look was achieved by starting with the perfect, dewy foundation, then blending a gorgeous, brown-pink shade of blush on the apples of the cheeks. Line your eyes with a black eyeliner that’s soft to the touch. Blend the rough edges into the skin with an eyeshadow brush. Then sweep a smoky-blue shade of eyeshadow from the crease down to the lash line, softening the line around the edges. Complete the eyes with a dark brown shadow in the crease. Top off the look with a nude lipstick and clear gloss.

Photo credit: Graffiti Press / PR Photos

Scarlett Johansson's smoky subtlty

2Natalie Portman’s all-about-eyes look

Natalie Portman’s makeup is always natural and never overdone, but she took a turn for the dramatic with this look. Rather than opting for spideresque lashes, she softened up the dramatic eye with light brown eyeshadow and liner and (several) sweeps of dark brown mascara. The rest of her look is completely natural with soft pink blush and a pinky, glossed pucker.

Photo credit: WENN

Natalie Portman's all-about-eyes look

3Charlize Theron’s classic attitude

Charlize Theron specializes in keeping her makeup noticeable, yet demure. Here, she did the red lip justice with a shade that complements her skin tone. Typically a bronze beauty, she went with a more retro style with easy eye makeup and a bold lip. Simply sweep on light brown eyeshadow, followed by a smidge of black eyeliner and mascara to get her look. Bring out your cheeks with a pink-red tone of blush and you’re done.

Photo credit: Fernando Allende/NY Post/Splash

Charlize Theron's classic attitude

4Katy Perry’s all-out glam

As one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Katy Perry knows how to glam it up. She did it perfectly with this sexy, sassy look. She focused on the eyes by definining her eyebrows with a dark brown pencil. She made her blue eyes a bit grey by adding brown tones all around her eye and a bit of silver sparkle near her tear duct. Finish it off with a gob of mascara and perfectly pink lips and cheeks.

Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Katy Perry's all-out glam

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