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7 Expert tips from the beauty counter

Even veteran makeup wearers need a few tips to freshen up their look from time-to-time, and it’s always best to go right to the experts. We’ve compiled the best in makeup tips to keep you looking bright and lovely throughout the day.

Makeup artist doing fall makeup

1Keep your eyeshadow in place

Does your eyeshadow always seem to smudge and rub off before the afternoon hits? Makeup expert Bobbi Brown suggests you prime your lids with powder which gives the eyeshadow a foundation to rest on instead of just oily lids. “Powder shadows always last longer than cream shadows,” says Brown. Choose your eyeshadow accordingly.

2Bring out deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes can be tough to make pop, but Cover Girl suggests using light-hued eyeshadows to highlight dark spots and make those peepers shine. Simply swipe a light shade like off-white or super-light pink across your lid and in the inner and outer corners of your eye.

3Create smoky eyes

Collier Strong, chief makeup artist at L’Oreal, suggests that creating the perfect smoky eye starts with the perfect eyeliner. Make sure the liner is soft to the touch and smudges easily. Line as close to the lashes as possible, then smudge with an eyeshadow brush, blending the liner into the skin.

4You can wear red lipstick!

All women can pull off red lips. It’s just a matter of finding the right red, Clinique suggests. Determine if your skin has warm or cool undertones. Warm-skinned women with golden hues should choose a warm red lipstick. Cool-skinned women with pink hues should choose a cool red with blue undertones that complement your skin shade.

5Make those eyes pop beyond glasses

Glasses wearers have it rough. Often their eyes are hidden behind thick black rims. Bring them out with a thick coat of jet black mascara, Cover Girl suggests. Shaping and defining your eyebrows can also make eyes look gorgeous beyond the lenses.

6Bronze the right way

It’s tricky to get the right bronze look without looking overdone. Estee Lauder makeup artists say sweeping bronzer on a matte, perfectly foundationed face in an “E” motion can help you get that healthy bronze glow. Start from the forehead, move to the cheek and then to the chin. Repeat until you get that perfect shade of bronze.

7Choosing the right blush for your skin tone

Bobbi Brown doesn’t get creative when she chooses a blush for her clients. Pale, light skin looks best in pink and coral shades. Brownish pinks look best on medium skin while dark skin can pull off plums and rose shades.

Watch: Smoky eye Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create neutral smoky eyes that are perfect for fall.

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