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Celebrity anti-aging secrets revealed

Demi Moore, 48, gets better with every birthday. Helen Mirren, 66, won “Best Body” in an L.A. Fitness poll. And 71-year-old Raquel Welch is like a freak of nature– the gorgeous woman doesn’t look a day over 40.

celebrity skin care tips

Eternally young celebrities have personal trainers, chefs, plastic surgeons and lots of money. But we can embrace some of their secrets to improve our own aging process and start looking younger today:

1Get your glow on

Fake it. A-list celebrities are forever boasting Golden Coast tans yet never seem to suffer the sun’s damaging effects. The secret, of course, is that their gorgeous bronze comes not from the beaches of Malibu but rather from a spray gun.

Lighten up. A good tan can make you look thinner and healthier, but it’s not for everyone. Stars such as Anne Hathaway and Ashley Greene have beautifully reminded us that porcelain skin is glamorous skin. They wear their creamy complexions proudly and stand out among the others.

Protect yourself. Whether a celebrity chooses to go gold or ivory, underneath it all she protects her skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. Celebs bare more skin than most of us– in formal gowns and on the big screen, and work to keep all of it as young-looking as possible. Remember to protect not just your face, but also your neck, chest, hands and other areas that can give away your real age.

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2Start a hair trend

Farrah Fawcett had the most coveted hairstyle of the 1970s. Later, Jennifer Aniston started a huge trend with her Rachel haircut. She was followed by Victoria Beckham and the choppy, face-framing bob. Women around the world ran to beauty salons to get the look.

But face it: we all look different and that’s what keeps things interesting. Unless you have the same features as your favorite star, it’s probably not a good idea to copy her hairstyle.

Instead, sit down with your hairstylist and talk it through. Show the stylist what you like about different celebrity hairstyles and then discuss the shape of your face, the texture of your hair and the daily hair routine you can commit to. When you find the best hairstyle FOR YOU, it’ll look so good that your friends will sneak off to their stylists to copy you.

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3Stand up and slim down

Did you know there was such a thing as red carpet posture? Celebrities know which poses and angles look best in front of the camera– and it starts with good posture. Not only does a strong, healthy posture show off your confidence, it also makes you look taller and thinner.

As we age, we lose some of the core muscle and bone strength that keeps us nice and aligned. Unless we continue to work at it– Pilates build up your core and a calcium supplements build up your bones– we’ll become hunched over as well.

Look younger instantly by becoming conscious of the way you walk, stand and sit. Practice holding in your stomach while you pump gas. Keep your shoulder blades pulled back as you work at the computer. And resist wearing your shoulders as earrings– a long neck is a proud neck.

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