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5 Makeup mistakes that age you

We wear makeup to look young, hot and sexy– but it turns out that makeup, if not applied correctly, can actually age us! (The horror!) Before you ditch your MAC collection, check out these beauty experts’ advice on how to avoid the five makeup mistakes that age you.

makeup mistakes that age you

5Too much concealer

Makeup maven Susie Galvez, day spa founder, esthetician, makeup artist and author of nine books on beauty and lifestyle including her latest book You Are So Going To Thank Me For This… how real women conceal, reveal, find, flaunt, fake & fix just about every hair, skin & makeup dilemma there is! says, “Concealer that settles into the little eye ‘crinkles’ makes you look older than your years. To keep it from settling, just mix a tiny bit of your moisturizer and your concealer together before applying. You will get the coverage you want and a little extra treatment to the eye area to boot.”

4Dark Lip Color Dilemma

Junior Renteria, National Makeup Artist for Rain Cosmetics, says that deep lip colors can actually make your lips appear smaller (and I don’t know a woman out there who is trying to make her pucker punier). Renteria says, “Browns, and harsh burgundy shades take the plump fullness right out of your pout. It’s important to wear color so your lips stand out, but try sheer tones with a glossy to semi-glossy finish. Juicy apple and berry tones are a great start. If youthful full lips is what you want, avoid drying lipstick formulas or overly matte stains.”

3Too much shimmer

Lori Leib, Creative Director of Bodyography Professional Cosmetics says, “Make sure to use age appropriate makeup– mature women should not wear shimmery products as it sets into the wrinkles and makes imperfections more noticeable. Keep makeup matte and fresh for mature skin.”

Karen Moehr, Licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist with Ageless Mojo/Ageless BeautyPRO adds that the shimmer of a highlighter or glow cream should be used sparingly. Moehr says, “A little applied on the top of cheeks, on the cupid’s bow of the lip and just above the eyebrow (yes, above) can give you a nice glow. Apply it on top of foundation, mix a little with a cream blush or mix some with your moisturizer.” Remember: A little goes a long way.

2Over-tweezed eyebrows

Margot Grant Witz, Beauty Director of Elizabeth Grant Skincare says, “People who are pluck happy think they are doing their best to get the shape of the season. However, the more you age, the less your hair grows, and having over-tweezed eyes brows is not as attractive at age 45 as one may think. Joan Crawford was an amazing actress in Mommie Dearest, but no one really looks to that look for inspiration. Embrace what you have and again, look and listen to what looks good on you, not the magazine pages.”

1Powder overdose

Moehr also suggests that you skip the powder if your skin is dry. She says, “If you don’t need it, don’t use it. Stick to dewy textures for foundation, blush, etc. You can add a little finishing powder here and there to set concealer or blush, but don’t dust it all over your face unless you’re very oily or having photos taken.”


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