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6-Step fall skin care routine

Small changes and consistent care can make a big difference in skin appearance. For your freshest fall face, consider some tips to get your glow on! The overall appearance and health of your skin will be your reward.    

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Gentle cleansing removes dirt and irritants from the skin and combats the effects of pollution and airborne bacteria. Select a creamy cleanser if you have dry skin or a clear cleanser for oily skin. Warm water will help loosen dirt from your pores, but hot or very cold water can cause broken capillaries.

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A mild toner can catch any impurities or residue that your facial cleanser leaves behind. Don’t overdo the toner, especially if you have dry skin.


Note: Choose a facial scrub with tiny grains. It’s kinder to your complexion! Large grains can irritate the skin and be too abrasive. Apply gently with circular motion and splash clean with a rinse of warm water.


Many people skip exfoliation in their skin-care routine, but adding this step weekly can show immediate results in brightening your complexion. At-home facial scrubs and microdermabrasion kits make it easy: these products remove the top layer of dead skin cells that tend to dull your complexion.

Retinoids are a favored skin booster. Retin-A or the more moisturizing Renova work by removing the top layer of dead skin while encouraging the production of collagen, the skin’s structural fiber. As we age, production of natural collagen decreases, so encouraging it can plump up the skin and help to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines.




No matter what skin type you have, you need to moisturize regularly to seal in moisture. When your skin feels tight, it’s begging for help! The tissue around the eyes is especially thin and more susceptible to lines and wrinkles. Your daily moisturizing lotion can help, but some women prefer an eye cream in a thicker formula that this delicate area drinks right in.



The number one recommendation dermatologists make to their patients? Always wear sunscreen! The main cause of wrinkles and discoloration is sun damage. A daily application of sunscreen with at least an SPF-15 protection rating is vital in keeping your skin soft and youthful. Daily moisturizers with built-in sunscreens help you streamline your routine and get the protection you need. Spray or gel-based sunscreens are a good alternative for individuals with acne or oily skin.




Why not choose makeup that treats your skin while it polishes your look? New formulas let you select glorious colors of lipstick that hydrate and repair dry lips, and eye shadows that smooth out fine lines and keep that delicate skin supple. Get a perfect color-match foundation that also adds a layer of moisturizer and sun protection. Double-duty products can be smart and affordable for fall faces!

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