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Apple to press: ‘Let’s talk iPhone’

Apple sent out an email inviting members of the press to a much anticipated event on October 4th. While there was no mention of the iPhone 5 specifically, it’s certain the iPhone 5 will debut in one week.


Apple certainly knows how to create buzz about a product, although it’s probably not even necessary given the high level of anticipation for the iPhone 5. Last week, rumors swirled that Apple was debuting the iPhone 5 in October. A “source” had confirmed to All Things D that the “next big media event” was occurring on October 4th.

Today, that rumor has been confirmed — mostly. The Wall Street Journal reports that members of the press received an email from Apple today. The message was simple: “Let’s talk iPhone.” Apple didn’t specifically mention the iPhone 5, but some things just go without saying. The press event will be held at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters on October 4th.

Apple Insider thinks that the iPhone 5 will be available for purchase not long after the press event, potentially on October 14th.

Now that we know when we’ll see the Apple iPhone 5, the speculation surrounds the new design. “Rumors leading up to this year’s event have been varied, with some debate as to whether Apple will release a completely redesigned ‘iPhone 5,’ an ‘iPhone 4S’ with an appearance similar to the current-generation iPhone 4, or both,” writes Apple Insider.

“Some have suggested the redesigned iPhone 4 could be a new entry-level model geared toward emerging markets that could be sold without a service contract.”

Whatever it is, we’ll know soon enough! Stay tuned for the new iPhone 5.

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