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Beauty Finds: Dianne Brill lipstick

The search for the perfect lipstick will never end, but we’ve got a great candidate for you. We’re currently in love with the 21 luscious lip colors from Dianne Brill.

Dianne Brill LipstickDianne Brill Lipstick

These fantastic shades (and there are so many to choose from) are packed full of good stuff and go on smooth as silk. They’ve also got some pretty fantastic names like French Maid Garter (a soft, pinky nude), Cuban Heel (a deep, dark red/plum) and Crepe Kimono (a rich, bright pink). They’re billed as lingerie for your lips and they’re all gorgeous.

These babies will also give you a bit of a plump. They don’t sting like traditional lip plumpers, but they’ll round out your pucker and give you ”pillow lips.” We’re also in love with the tube itself, which looks like a pair of fishnets with a back seam — super sexy to whip out during a date to freshen up. If you like a bit of a shine, you can always add Brill’s stunning pot glosses (23 shades are available) that are packed with 20% vitamins, antioxidants, humectants and a plumper.

Dianne Brill lipsticks and lip glosses are available at boutiques around the world. Go to for details.

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