3 Simple autumn candle crafts

Oct 20, 2011 at 2:19 p.m. ET

With autumn in the air, candles are the perfect way to bring warmth and comfort into a room’s décor. Discount stores carry inexpensive pillars, tapers and tea candles in an assortment of colors -- but these simple versions can look cheaper than they cost. Instead of spending big bucks on designer candles, try your hand at one of these crafts to give your inexpensive candles a personalized fall look.

1Decorating wax

Adding more wax is perhaps the simplest and safest way to give a candle a new look. This soft decorating wax comes in a set of six color sticks that can be used as-is or blended together to create any color you wish. The downside is that this technique can look amateurish if not applied well.

Keep the look sophisticated by rolling it out as thinly as possible before applying it to the candles. Use cookie cutters to give your shapes a sharper edge -- we love this fall leaf cookie cutter from Crate & Barrel. Try layering a pillar candle with wax leaves cut out in a range of fall colors.

Decorating wax

2DÉcoupage decorations

It's a little-known fact that it is safe to découpage directly onto wax candles. This quick trick is simple to apply and lets you decorate the exterior of your candles with any print. Simply apply a thin layer of candle-safe découpage glue on the back of decorative paper and wrap it around the pillar candle of your choice. For thinner papers, like fall napkins or tissue papers, apply the découpage glue directly to the candle and place the paper on top of the glue.

This same technique can be used to make a permanent candleholder. Simply découpage a semi-transparent autumn tissue paper onto an inexpensive glass vase for a candle holder you can use year after year.

Decoupage decorations

3Autumn acrylics

Try to decorate your candles with acrylic paint and all you'll get is a smeary mess that won't stay on the surface. Luckily, DecoArt makes a medium you can mix with acrylic paint that will help it bond to the wax. Once you've mixed up your favorite fall color, simply paint it directly onto the candle of your choice.

Spice up the look by using an autumn stencil to create a pattern with the paint. If stencils aren't your thing, get a sophisticated look by layering multiple shades onto one candle with a dry-brush painting technique. For an entirely different option, apply designs with some DecoColor paint markers designed specifically for candles.

Autumn acrylics

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