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Wallpaper puts a new face on design trends for fall

Jillian Harris is on board with the wallpaper revival. Even though she says to throw away the design magazines and to design based on what you love, she admits there are some design trends she loves.

“Of course for me personally, I have some design trends that I’m crazy about right now,” says Jillian. “Definitely textures — Navajo, marbleing, ikat. That’s what I love.” When she ventures into the homes of others, however, she prefers to base design less on what’s hip and trendy and more on character traits of the client. Since she’s a gal fueled by a passion for interior design, we knew there were still some trendy tips we could coax out of her. Here’s one of them:

Jillian Harris from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tells SheKnows her favorite design trends

“I love the wallpaper comeback,” she tells us.

She offered us a few design tips when it comes to giving your walls a facelift you can live with.

Where to use wallpaper

Jillian lists a few ways to purpose wallpaper: “You can use it on the ceiling, on the floor — you can [even] cover things in it.”

what to watch out for in wallpaper

While Jillian raves about how wallpaper can transform a room, she also warns, “It’s definitely difficult to put up and and it’s definitely difficult to take down.” Her solution? Hire someone “… or sell your house,” she jokes.

wading in wall color

So what are hot hues? “A strong navy is really fun with punches cream and gold,” she suggests. But if you just hate deep blue, that’s OK — she thinks navy is a hot color for fall, but she admits she has trouble with color in her own home.

“As a designer, believe it or not, I’m actually really scared of wall colors,” says Jillian who says that she usually goes with neutrals. That might explain why the girl is a master at coming up with creative home accessories.

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