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3 Décor styles that blend clashing textiles

There’s no place like home for displaying your favorite interior design items, but what do you do when the textiles you love have a tendency to clash? Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris — now guest designer for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition — loves glamorous marble, ethnic Navajo prints and ikat-dyed fabrics, but these textiles tend to create a conflicting design aesthetic. Here are three design styles that incorporate these contrasting textiles into a harmonious home décor.

1Classical/ornate style

For many decorators, marble embodies all that is richness and elegance. Marble used classically coordinates easily with gilt and crystal chandeliers, but how can you bring in earthy prints to this décor? The answer is to find items that are inspired by the textiles you love — like this lamp inspired by geometric patterns found in Navajo fabrics. Represent the world’s oldest fabric dyeing technique with an ikat pillow with a classic pattern rather than the expected ethnic print.

Classical/ornate style

  1. Overstock – marble-top accent table
  2. Amazon – Tiffany-style nuevo basket table lamp
  3. Amazon – Zodax ikat pillow
  4. QVC – Tiffany-style Navajo table lamp

2Rustic style

For those who’d rather stay true to the rustic elements found in Native American-inspired décor, incorporating a luxury texture like marble can be tricky. Find rustic furniture inlaid with marble to bring into the space without compromising the Southwest style. If you can’t find inlaid-marble pieces you like, simply add unpolished marble floor tiles to the tops or sides of your own rustic furniture. To incorporate ikat, select a simple ethnic pattern in colors that complement your Navajo prints.

Rustic style

  1. Sears – marble inlay table
  2. Amazon – Navajo etched plate
  3. Neiman Marcus – “Middleton” ikat rug

3Midcentury modern style

It might seem like none of these textiles would work well in a midcentury modern room — but not so fast. Furniture designers have found that the sleek, glossy surface of polished marble looks beautiful in modern designs. The graphic elements in authentic Navajo patterns inspire the abstract designs of this throw pillow, while Navajo potters are crafting classic materials into chic designs. As for ikat, current artists are using the unique dyeing technique to give retro graphic prints a new twist.

Mid-centry modern style

  1. Bobby Berk Home – Washita throw pillows (inspired by Navajo)
  2. Overstock – marble end table
  3. Cameron Trading Post – Navajo pitch pot
  4. Amazon – diamond ikat pillow

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