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Apple iPhone 5 rumor: Will it debut in October?

Apple might just debut the iPhone 5 on October 4th — that is, if the rumors are true. Are you one of the Apple fans who has been holding their breath for the new iPhone? If so, you might be able to exhale in a few weeks.


If you’re in the market for the Apple iPhone 5, you might not have to wait much longer. If the rumors reported by All Things D are true, you’ll catch a glimpse of the coveted smart phone on October 4th.

All Things D is reporting that its sources have indicated Apple’s “next big media event” will take place on October 4th. Word is that the iPhone 5 will be available for sale “within a few weeks” after the reveal.

Are we excited yet?!

This event is even bigger than usual for Apple, following Steve Job’s announcement that he was resigning as Apple’s CEO last month. Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, will make a product announcement for the first time. As All Things D says, it will be “the place where the public will get a first lengthy impression of him that may well set the tone for Cook’s new role.”

Although the date of the iPhone 5 release hasn’t been confirmed yet, consumers are clearly counting on it. PCWorld reports that iPhone trade-ins are increasing dramatically. In fact, Gazelle, a tech product buy back service, has seen an 84% jump in iPhone trade-ins during the past two weeks.

If you’re thinking about selling your iPhone 4 to fund your new iPhone 5, PCWorld did a comparison of trade-in offers from Gazelle, Nextworth and eBay Instant Sale. Not a bad way to start your new Apple iPhone 5 fund — if the rumors are true.

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