5 Signs you’re out of touch with your world

You may think you’re up on current events, but if any of these five signs apply to you, you’re not.

out of touch with the world


You don’t have a Facebook profile

The social networking site Facebook boasts more than 750 million active users. Families use Facebook to share photos and videos. Teens post love connections and breakups. Long-lost lovers are reunited, and new relationships are discovered.

The incredible thing about Facebook is its ability to bring “people you may know” to you. If you’re Facebook friends with Jill, who is friends with Jack, then maybe you know Jack, too. Facebook reminds you about people you forgot you ever knew.

You have some control over the way your your personal info, photos and comments are shared. The problem is that once you post something, you have no control over what someone else does with it. You can delete it, of course, but that doesn’t mean that your 130 or so friends haven’t already shared it with their 130 or so friends, and so on.

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2 You pay with cash only

A cash-only policy is a great way to live within your means and avoid the dangerous debt trap, especially in today’s economy. Buy buying only with cash isn’t always the most convenient option.

Busy modern moms swear by online shopping for school clothes, holiday gifts, groceries and even furniture. Every site, at one time or another, offers big discounts, coupon codes and/or free shipping. You can browse any time of the day or night. You can put things in your shopping cart and leave them there for days while you make up your mind. There’s no parking and no crowds — just you and your online mall.

Online banking is a real timesaver, too. Balance your checkbook, transfer money between accounts, and pay bills without ever leaving your computer desk.

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3You don’t know what “WTF” means

Textin has its own new language and, if you have kids with cell phones, you should learn it. It’s impractical to take the high road and swear that you’ll always use good grammar and write proper sentences, even when emailing and texting. Before you know it, you’ll be responding to your kids’ messages with, “TTYL.” (That’s “talk to you later,” by the way.)

NetLingo.com provides “the largest list of text and chat acronyms out there.” Did you know that 303 means “Mom,” 420 means “marijuana,” 8 means “oral sex,” and 9 means “parent is watching”?

If you want to know what your kids are up to, it may be time for a crash course.

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4 You’ve never heard of the Kardashians

The Kardashian family is famous because… well, we’re not really sure why they’re famous, but Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have risen to superstar status through this venue we call reality TV.

In truth, the only thing that’s real about reality television is that it features regular people instead of celebrities. Reality shows might follow a family’s daily life (such as the Kardashians, Kate Gosselin and her eight goslings, or some unfortunate girl who finds herself pregnant at age 16). Other subjects include real people competing for cash prizes, such as on Big Brother, Survivor or The Amazing Race. Reality shows help singles find love on shows such as The Bachelor, Rock of Love and Millionaire Matchmaker, on which participants are willing to do just about anything on camera to find the one.

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5 You think boots are for cold weather

The fashion police still haven’t found a way to stop famous and non-famous people alike from wearing suede fur-lined boots in the middle of summer. We’ve seen Ugg boots paired with everything from snow pants and skinny jeans to miniskirts and cutoff shorts. There’s always been a price to pay for good fashion, but who would have ever thought that price would be sweaty, smelly feet?

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