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America’s Next Top Model: All-stars style roundup

When it comes to beauty and style, some models are back with a fresh (or not so fresh) new look while others are sticking to their guns from their previous cycles. Here we’ve rounded up the top six girls who we look forward to seeing on this season’s all-star America’s Next Top Model.

1Sheena Sakai

Known for being too provocative on cycle 11 of ANTM, Sheena Sakai said she still just wants to be herself on the all-star season, even if that does mean she gets sent home. During the larger-than-life persona photo shoot, Sheena chose a satin, rouched mini dress paired with a racy black bustier and gold chains. So, she’s probably not lying when she says she still doesn’t understand the definition of a hoochie.

ANTM Sheena

2Kayla Ferrel

Kayla Ferrel made it to the top four in cycle 15 of ANTM, and now this Hooters waitress is back, sans her iconic fiery-red hair. We wish she would have kept the ‘do the same as her original makeover look though, as that was what really amped up her look. But now she’s a deep-brunette and is looking to just “have fun and enjoy” the all-star ride.

antm kayla

3Laura Kirkpatrick

Laura Kirkpatrick is back, and she brought her Kentucky accent with her! During the ‘petite’ cycle 13, Laura donned a country-chic wardrobe handmade by her grandma, Wanda Sue. Now Wanda Sue has a Facebook page dedicated to her clothes, with a picture of a black and white flirty tiered dress that she promises will be seen on ANTM all-stars.

antm laura

4Bre Scullark

Bre Scullark has had an ample amount of professional success since her stint on cycle 5 of ANTM. She can currently be seen on TV commercials for major brands including Garnier, Dove, Ambi skincare and Pantene. Bre has proven she’s relaxed in front of the camera, but will she prove to be high-fashion enough for the all-star judges with those sparkly purple pants?

ANTM bre

5Isis King

Isis King was the first transgender contestant on ANTM, and now she’s back to inspire viewers with her ‘being yourself is beautiful’ attitude. She was kicked off of cycle 11 because she wasn’t comfortable in the swimsuit photo shoot. With her gender reassignment surgery behind her, Isis is more relaxed in her skivvies and even won ‘best photo’ in the first challenge!

antm isis

6Lisa D’Amato

Since cycle 5, ANTM all-star Lisa D’Amato has come full-circle in her transformation into a Kesha look-a-like. She appeared on Celebrity Rehab for her addiction to alcohol, but says that she is sober and channeling her energy into her rap music. A fan of rainbow brights, wonderland top hats, knee-high socks and fluorescent sunglasses, we’ll have to wait and see what persona Lisa brings to the new season.

antm lisa

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