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Rainbow hair: Vivid tints become tasteful and sophisticated

Celebs are loving this out-there beauty trend and so are we! Think the color contagion is something you can only catch in Hollywood? We’ve got news for you.

Rainbow hairstyles

It might be hard to believe but as it turns out, rainbow is all the rage. The word of beauty experts has reached the beauty blogosphere and ladies these days are pushing their hair to the limit with bright colors and neon strands. We’ve seen it on celebs like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, but it can work in the real world, too.

Katy Perry’s colorist, Rita Hazan, recently told Allure magazine that even when you’re exploring dramatic hair color, you have to take your skin tone and natural hair color into consideration. She advised pastels like pink, lavender and light blue for fair skinned women. Darker complexions and brunette hair will pair well with rich jewel tones like emerald green, deep purple and burgundy. When in doubt, pick a color that would flatter your natural hair color.

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7 ways to experiment with rainbow hair

1. One way to experiment with rainbow hues, as we saw with Lauren Conrad, is to keep the color at the tips. It produces dramatic results that don’t turn you into Lady Gaga.

2. This blondie opted for rainbow extensions here and there for a fun style that doesn’t go over the top.

3. If pink is your thing, find a shade that will complement your hair color. Neon may be the way to go but also see how Rachel McAdams makes a pale pink style work.

4. Once you step onto the more colorful side of style, try a fishtail braid to show off your streaks!

5. This gal stays true to the jewel tones that work well with her dark hair. She plays it safe by only adding streaks underneath. She can hide them during work hours and show them off in a ponytail over the weekend.

6. Lauren Conrad made rainbow hair festive and fashionable for the Fourth of July with tousled red, white and blue tips.

7. The ombre hair trend took off a while back, and now we’re seeing it in all shapes, lengths and colors.

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