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How to wear fall’s hottest styles

Fall fashion brings back pants, jackets and heavier fabrics, not to mention a few hot styles that every woman should try. Check out the 4 top trends that make fall fashion worth following.

1Add a little leather

You don’t need to pull out your black leather pants or your ’80s leather jacket to fit in this fall. Instead, look for leather tops, short leather skirts or dresses with leather detailing in cooler colors like camel, heather gray or green. The lighter colors and smaller expanses of fabric will make the leather appear softer and more supple. Consider pairing a short leather skirt with a tailored top or a leather halter top with a flowing knee-length skirt. You’ll be able to wear your look to the office just as easily as you can for a night on the town.

Add a little leather

2Try that ’70s style

No one wants to bring back crazy-wide bell bottoms or men’s platform shoes, but not all of the style from the ’70s was bad. To give ’70s style a modern twist, pair tailored trouser jeans with woodblock platform heels and a lightly-printed top. Round out your look with a fitted blazer and a skinny belt.

Try that 70's style

3Give big shoulders a chance

If big shoulders brings to mind linebackers or your mother’s work suit from the ’80s, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The latest incarnation of overemphasized shoulders has nothing to do with actual shoulder pads and everything to do with structured tailoring. Look for highly-structured tops and dresses that angle outward toward your shoulders or even create a cap sleeve an inch or two wider than your actual shoulder. Rather than making you look like you just finished up at the gym, this new structured style helps balance out wide hips to create an hourglass appearance.

Give big shoulders a chance


Colorblocking came on the scene full-force in 2010, but it hasn’t backed down for fall 2011. When designers use colorblocking, they’re able to focus the attention on one part of the body by positioning fabric in a way that draws the eye. The contrasting colors and large shapes can effectively make you look thinner or more shapely depending on the clothing in question. If you want to look thinner, find colorblock dresses with a wide vertical line down the center. To add curves, look for pieces that place colorblocking in a way that gives the illusion of an hourglass — triangles pointing toward midline, or angular lines pointing from your midline out to your shoulders and hips. If you’re not sure you want to try a dress or top with colorblocking, pick up a pair of colorblock heels, also popular this fall.


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