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Beauty Finds: Zeno Blemish Prevention Kit

Do you break out? What a silly question, right? We all do. You try to do all the right things. You wash the makeup off your face at night. (You’d better or we’re sending the makeup police after you!) You try not to touch your face. You don’t let the phone touch your chin…and still, you break out. Well, we’ve found something that actually helps prevent breakouts before they happen! Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit.

Zeno Blemish Prevention KitZeno Blemish Prevention Kit

Not only does this product work, but it’s fun to use! You get an anti-acne solution that is all natural and plant based that prevents acne and clears whatever breakouts you have. In independent laboratory testing, it killed 99.9% of bacteria in an hour. It’s also gentle enough to use every day. (Our tester has pretty sensitive skin and it didn’t make her face red at all.)

But here is the fun part. The Heat Treat device (that looks like a battery operated men’s shaver without the blades) warms up and vibrates to help the BlemishPrevention Treatment get deeper into the upper layer of the skin where the bacteria lives. We’re huge fans here! We do love our little gadgets. They’ve also got one for anti-aging, so check that one out as well. The best part of all? It comes with 2 AA batteries! What company does that anymore?

Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit is available at and retails for $40.

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