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Save/Splurge: Eye cream

In today’s Save/Splurge, the eyes have it. We’ve got two fantastic eye creams to keep the windows to your soul looking young and beautiful. Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex and Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream.

Save vs Splurge Eye creamSplurge

Good eye creams are hard to find, but boy are they necessary! In our Splurge section, we have Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex. One small pump delivers oxygen to the eye area, helps firm skin, reduce roughness and dryness and aids in collagen production. It’s got avocado oil extract to hydrate and vitamin C to help brighten the skin. The best part? It doesn’t get slimy under your makeup and it won’t irritate your eyes. Definitely worth a splurge.


In the Save section, we have Burt’s Bees (a SheKnows favorite) Radiance Eye Cream. This one is a steal and contains royal jelly, one of nature’s most nourishing substances. It also has bee pollen, chamomile, cucumber, rosehip extracts and natural mica to diffuse light. It reduces puffiness and hydrates the skin naturally.

Give them a shot and let us know what you think. We love hearing your feedback on our reviews. Give us your take below!

Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex is available from and retails for $95.

Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream is available at and retails for $18.

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